Monday, November 16, 2009

MC Putin's Bad Rap

While today's popular American rap styles sound quite a bit different from it's 70's New York roots, Russia's prime minister seems to have finally entered the 20th century and caught on to this new-fangled, breakdancing craze.

Wonder what could have motivated this powerful Russian figure into something like this?

"Putin's approval ratings last month had the sharpest fall since he stepped down as Kremlin chief in May 2008. His rating fell 6 percentage points to 66 percent on Oct. 24-25, according to leading pollster FOM.

Putin's aides responded with plans for a flurry of prime ministerial appearances, including a televised question-and-answer session with the Russian people this month." how does Russian Hip-Hop key into Putin's future political success?

""He communicates to all social groups. Hip-hop culture is very popular and youths from all corners of our country are fans of this culture," Peskov said."

However silly and kitsch this political stunt may look to Anglo-American eyes, Putin's message about drugs and alcohol is timely given the eye-opening death and addiction rates in post-Soviet Russia these days.

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