Friday, November 13, 2009

A Tale of Two Drug Hubs

Afghanistan isn't the only place where an economic void filled by drug money has led to violence. Compare these two American locales:

1. a sleepy, logger town quickly becoming a cannabis production center due to a perfect storm of climate and law - and drawing more and more seedy elements, along with its first shooting.

2. a former industrial giant with one of the highest rates of violence (and worst reputations) in the country deals with the murder of a murder witness to a crime linked to a major crack cocaine supplier.

While Hayfork is only in the beginning stages of it's illicit drug-fueled economy, Detroit represents the end result on a grander scale - a society shaped, influenced, and ultimately controlled by violence driven contraband profiteering.

Whether one is in favor of an all-out ban of psychoactive substances or legalization of everything, it's becoming increasingly clear that the worse-case scenario may, in fact, be the hazy middle ground.

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