Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Corporate Branding and the U.S. Presidency

There are many acts of destruction for which the Bush years are rightly reviled – the illegal invasions, the defiant defences of torture, the tanking of the global economy. But the administration's most lasting legacy may well be the way it systematically did to the US government what branding-mad CEOs did to their companies a decade earlier: it hollowed it out, handing over to the private sector many of the most essential functions of government, from protecting borders to responding to disasters to collecting intelligence.

Of course, the Democratic and Republican "Parties" are political brands of themselves, and voter awareness of candidates on all levels of U.S. politics involves massive amounts of advertising, so this aspect of branding in politics is nothing new - it's just the rest of the corporate mentality that's becoming the latest trend American political scene.

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