Sunday, April 11, 2010

Indie Rock In Islamic Lands

While Anglo-American pop culture has traveled across the globe for decades, the sounds of rock bands most native English speakers have never heard of are influencing young musicians in traditionally-Islamic countries:
  • Hypernova, a Tehran-based dance-rock band that formed, practiced, and illegally performed in Iran before escaping to the United States

Particularly interesting is Lekman's comments about Swedish musical self-identity in relation to Anglo-American pop:

The 90s were very influenced by England and America, I would say way too much. People were sending their vocalists to London so they could pick-up the accent right. Sweden has such a low self esteem, they would have columns in newspapers that say it's good for being Swedish, which basically saying we know it's crap but you know, it's good for being Swedish. It was pretty bad. In the early 2000s, people got so fed up with the influence from Britain and America. So they decided to shut off the whole outside world and just do something completely new, looking at their own backyard, creating something new. That's when things started getting interesting.

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