Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blurring the Line Between Social Media and Reality

Zynga, creators of popular Facebook games FarmVille and Mafia Wars, have reached a licensing deal with 7-11 to stock game-inspired products.
Seven thousand 7-11 stores will offer around 30 branded items, including Slurpees and ice cream, among other things. When a customer buys one of the promotional products, he or she will then be directed to perform some special task in the game world to acquire one of the 7-11 items.

BP has bought links to various words and phrases surrounding the Gulf of Mexico oil leak on Google and Yahoo, to redirect searchers to official BP sources.

"If you look at it from BP's perspective it's a brilliant move," Ryan said. "The other option BP had was to just not do this and let the news interpret what's going on.
..."The search terms, everything, it's probably not a bad idea for the company to do," he said. "Is it right? Is buying these terms ethical? That's another question." 

A game involving people forcing each other to ironically drink Smirnoff Ice has gone from college joke to an internet meme blowing up across the United States...and advertising agencies are taking note.
"We're gonna see more of this," says Smallens. "Now that everything can be delivered through digital media, what's the last authentic thing? Spontaneous experience." These bros, he says, are at the vanguard of the next phase in social media: real life.

Digital media supplementing real-life human experiences: welcome to the new frontier of advertising.

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