Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ethnic Groups That Look The Same Don't Play Nice

After listing several examples (Ireland vs. Northern Ireland, India vs. Pakistan, Uzbekistan vs. Kyrgyzstan, Turks vs. Greeks, etc.), Christopher Hitchens makes this valid point:

One of the great advantages possessed by Homo sapiens is the amazing lack of variation between its different "branches." Since we left Africa, we have diverged as a species hardly at all. If we were dogs, we would all be the same breed. We do not suffer from the enormous differences that separate other primates, let alone other mammals. As if to spite this huge natural gift, and to disfigure what could be our overwhelming solidarity, we manage to find excuses for chauvinism and racism on the most minor of occasions and then to make the most of them. This is why condemnation of bigotry and superstition is not just a moral question but a matter of survival.
Yet bigotry continues.

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