Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lady Topo: Is Gaga's "Alejandro" A Jodorowsky Homage?

Many critics have dismissed United States pop artist, Lady Gaga, as an imitator of Madonna, particularly in regards to the shared use of religious imagery and homosexual eroticism in their music videos (and similar musical style).

Her video for "Alejandro" draws on both of these themes, and as Gaga herself explained, the video intended to have a "homoerotic military theme."

However, perhaps in this video, Gaga is actually paying homage to a very specific Alejandro Jodorosky, Chilean director and artist who, in many ways, was the original visual provocateur of religious imagery, blatant sexuality, and overall weirdness.

Just compare the above screen shot of "Alejandro" with this still from "The Holy Mountain"...

Coincidence? Maybe, but how many times do you really hear the Spanish name "Alejandro" in an English-language setting? Yes, MTV news compiled a list of Alejandros you may have heard of, but I would imagine a visual art-savvy popstar would be at least familiar with Jodorowsky's work...otherwise, it's time for her to go back to art school.

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