Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Art, Algae, and Post-Humanism

(via CultureLab via Christian Kerrigan)

A scientist and artist coming together to explore the future of the fusion between biology and technology with art derived from both.

The pair have collaborated since they discovered a shared interest in the blurred borderlands between nature and technology. "It's important to recognise that technology is invading us sooner than we think," says Kerrigan.
While Hanczyc is busy designing the footsoldiers for that invasion, Kerrigan is devising an artistic language to help us discover what it will mean. This language of images also helps Hanczyc explain and promote his own work.
Kerrigan isn't presenting coherent, worked-out visions of the future. His art, he says, draws on history and metaphor to give people ways of thinking about what may come. He sees his work as an inquiry, and he doesn't predetermine the results.

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