Monday, July 26, 2010

Miscellaneous Links 7/26/10

Did organize crime play a role in Kyrgyzstan's ethnic violence?

Kyrgyzstan’s criminal networks generally fit into one of two categories, local experts tell The first – prison-based hierarchical networks – comprise professional criminals who follow an established code of conduct. Kamchi Kolbaev, an ethnic Kyrgyz, was reportedly one of the most influential criminal figures in the South. Authorities detained him on June 16, days after the outbreak of inter-ethnic violence in Osh and Jalal-abad. He has been undergoing interrogations since then.
Athletes – sportsmen, in local parlance – form the second type of networks. These groups are widely believed to engage in racketeering, money laundering, drug trafficking and fraud. Their leaders reportedly fund youth sports clubs, leisure facilities and private enterprises to attract crowds of young and unemployed men.

Widespread use of English in Indonesia is replacing native languages.

"Harry Potter" Actress' Family Plotted To Kill Her In Possible Honor Killing.

Toxic chemicals in food packaging seep through containers.

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