Monday, July 26, 2010

New York, New York - You're a Hell of Town (To Film In)

Why you've seen so many films take place in New York City.
The founding of the Mayor’s Film Office — the first agency of its kind in the world — remains to this day one of the Lindsay administration’s signal achievements, an innovation in governance since replicated by agencies or commissions in almost every state and major city in America, and scores of countries and provinces around the world. In New York alone, it helped to usher in what has become virtually an entire new industry, generating over five billion dollars a year in economic activity and bringing work to more than 100,000 New Yorkers: renowned directors and stars, working actors and technicians, and tens of thousands of men and women employed by supporting businesses, from equipment-rental houses to scenery shops to major studio complexes that now rival those of Southern California. Along the way, it has also helped to ensure that New York retains its status as one of the most familiar and compelling urban landscapes in the world. 
With the Karate Kid remake filmed in Beijing and the upcoming Transformers 3 filming near my workplace in downtown Chicago, hopefully we'll start to see some new cityscapes in future Hollywood films. And if we're lucky, we'll start to see some original plots, too.

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