Thursday, August 5, 2010

China: Where Does It Go From Here?

With the rapid urbanization, mass construction, and societal plunge into tech-savvy consumerism, China is predictably facing some complicated issues regarding its cultural identity and what China "ought to be."

After all, when the Communist Party embraces capitalism and does it better than the United States and Europe, the traditional left-right dichotomy no longer neatly applies to the American/European understanding to the terminology. The last century of societal upheavals have done much to remove the majority of the remnants of the millenia-old Chinese civilization continuum. Chinese media censorship still pervades and even extends to dating shows and televised dramas, but a resurgence of Chinese political science-fiction may help begin to turn the tide against Party-controlled thought.

How the coming generations will view China, Chinese culture, and "Chinese-ness" in the context of the country that exists today will be interesting to see.

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