Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ground Zero Mosque Debate Summed Up


1. Building a mosque in proximity to the location of a terrorist attack conducted in the name of Islam is insensitive, offensive, and disrespectful to families and friends of the victims.

2. The funders and supporters have connections to organizations that advocate global Sharia law.

3. Building the mosque emboldens those with a pro-Sharia law agenda/desire to commit acts of violence against non-Muslims.

4. Islam is an underestimated threat to American ideals and Western Civilization.


1. Part of what makes America special is freedom of religion.

2. Banning the mosque is a slap to the majority of American Muslims who do not engage in violent activities, and assimilate to American society quite well, for the most part.

3. Opposing a Mosque in America because Islamic countries ban Christan churches or Jewish synagogues puts America down to the level of those the mosque opponents are against.

4. Islam is an overestimated threat to American ideals and Western Civilization.


Fabius Maximus has a good, even handed-take of the issues at hand here, so just read the post.

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