Monday, September 20, 2010

link round-up 9/20/10

Favela (slum) tourism in Rio de Janeiro

The Chinese Communist Party drive to rid popular culture of the "three vulgarities"
WITH tens of millions of Chinese suffering from the country’s worst floods in years, President Hu Jintao convened a meeting of the ruling Politburo on July 23rd, to discuss what he said was an urgent issue. To a roomful of grim-faced officials, he declared that China must “resolutely resist” vulgar, cheap and kitsch forms of culture. The “great revival” of the Chinese people was, he said, at stake.
Thus was born a new campaign against what officials call the “three vulgarities”. The government news agency, Xinhua, has described this “new morality movement” as the leadership’s first broadside against vulgarity in years. Some online commentators in China call it a throwback to the 1980s and hugely unpopular drives that were designed to eradicate “spiritual pollution” and “bourgeois liberalisation”.

French wine vending machines to come to US? 

90% of Kuwati coral reefs dying

Russia sells missles to Syria

Displaced Sri Lankan Tamils and Muslims unable to return home after end of civil war

Chicagoan plants bomb near Wrigley drive the retiring mayor out of office?

Shell and UN back $100 million plan for clean energy stoves

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