Monday, October 4, 2010

Hollywood's Loss is Detroit's Gain - The Future Landscapes of American Film

Tax credits have recently made Detroit a hub for television and film production - along with several other spots outside of Los Angeles.
Regional filmmaking has been on the increase for decades, as southern California became more expensive to work in and overexposed on screen. New Mexico, Louisiana, Georgia, New York, Canada and others have wooed the lucrative entertainment business with tax-incentive packages. The revenue and jobs are welcome, and sometimes buttressed by a little brand-building, perhaps attracting tourists or investment.
As places like Hollywood and New York City have become iconic in American cinema, and as the article goes on to note Detroit scenery filling in for Switzerland and Washington D.C., it'll be interesting to see if/how varied film settings across the US change American perceptions of those locations - as well as global perceptions of the United States (since pirated American films can be found just about anywhere in the world these days).

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