Wednesday, February 2, 2011

(Global) Sexx Laws

A member of a popular Indonesian band has been jailed over two leaked sex tapes.
Ariel, the frontman of the rock band "Peterpan," was the first high-profile offender of the pornography law that went into effect in 2008 and carries a maximum penalty of 12 years.
The first video surfaced on several websites last year and went viral through social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. It allegedly featured Ariel and girlfriend Luna Maya -- a model and TV journalist who interviewed Hillary Clinton on her show "Dahsyat" during the U.S. secretary of state's visit to Indonesia in 2009.
After the release of the second video allegedly featuring Ariel and Cut Tari -- a soap opera star and TV journalist -- the term "Ariel Peterporn," a spin on the singer's name and his band, became a top trending topic on Twitter.

He may be getting off easy compared to two Iranian pornographers recently given death sentences.
"Two administrators of porn sites have been sentenced to death in two different (court) branches and (the verdicts) have been sent to the supreme court for confirmation,'' Dolatabadi said, without naming the two convicts.
Last December, Canada expressed concern over the reported death sentence handed down to an Iranian-born Canadian resident for allegedly designing an adult website. 
Saeed Malekpour, 35, was convicted of "designing and moderating adult content websites,'' "agitation against the regime'' in Tehran, and "insulting the sanctity of Islam,'' according to an online campaign calling for his release. 
Malekpour was detained in Iran after returning in 2008 to visit his ailing father. He was sentenced to death in December.

Meanwhile, an Irish group is looking to reform the country's prostitution laws.
Speaking at a press conference at Buswells Hotel in Dublin, the group called on the incoming Government to introduce legislation that would penalise people who buy sex, while decriminalising those who sell sexual services
The group says women and children continue to be trafficked into prostitution in Ireland because it remains profitable.

And while various American states (and fast-food chains) battle over the legal recognition of same-sex marriage and civil unions, gay Ugandan citizens and refugees fear for their own lives.
After the murder of the gay Ugandan activist David Kato and with a chilling warning from Ugandan MP David Bahati ringing in her ears, she says she fears her life is over. Bahati, the author of a bill which would impose the death penalty on homosexuals, intervened in Namigadde's case to warn her she should "repent" or be arrested on her return.
Speaking from Yarl's Wood, Namigadde, 29, says: "My life is in danger. I don't know what will happen to me. I'm very scared. I haven't eaten, I haven't slept."
She knows from experience what returning to her country will mean for her, she says. "I'll be tortured, or killed, if I'm sent back. They've put people like me to death there."

And finally, a song that sums up the reoccurring theme of these news stories.

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