Wednesday, March 30, 2011

link round-up 3/30/11

Turkey's ruling AKP: less tolerant, but just as nationalistic
The AKP did not move Turkey beyond Kemalism. Instead, the party destroyed Kemalists, while at the same time it perpetuated old Kemalism's taboos and attitudes and abandoned its liberal ideals, such as gender equality. Hence, a decade after the AKP assumed power, Turkey has become more illiberal. The old Kemalists are out and the "new" old Kemalists are in. The AKP's "new" old Kemalists do not share any of Kemalism's pro-Western tendencies and have plenty of illiberalism to spare.
1/4 of the world's population will watch a Cricket match between India and Pakistan
In truth, however, this cricket match, dubbed by some as the Greatest Match Ever, delivers the opposite of the negative vibe of jingoistic nationalist sentiment. Instead, it opens up space for Indians and Pakistanis to talk about something other than the 2008 terrorist attacks on Mumbai, human rights violations in Kashmir, the contentious debate about the rights to river waters, or the on-going battle for the Siachen glacier.
Glenn Greenwald on Libyan intervention
The real question is the wisdom of this escalated involvement. How many times do we have to arm one side of a civil war -- only for that side to then become our Enemy five or ten or fifteen years later -- before we learn not to do that any more?
Indian state of Gujarat bans new Gandhi biography
"The writing is perverse in nature. It has hurt the sentiments of those with capacity for sane and logical thinking. This attempt to defame Mahatma Gandhi by the publisher has come under severe criticism not only in Gujarat but from all corners of India.Mahatma Gandhi is an idol not only in India but in the entire world. While his life -- dedicated to the welfare of the mankind -- has been an inspiration, the author has hurt the sentiments of [millions] of people."

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