Sunday, April 3, 2011

1,235 Alien Worlds, 10 "Most Segregated" US Cities, Libyan Rebel Stories, and more (link round-up 4/3/11)

We're Gonna Have an Internet TV Party Tonight (Alright!)
How a PR campaign for Biafra rebels planted the roots of humanitarian idealism
"Inside Job" - The story of the Wall Street crisis can be viewed here
YouTube user FtsmeHndso's collection of free documentaries

Perspectives on Libya from people who are actually there right now
Jersey Shore fist-pump = pro-Gaddafi
The Vice Guide to the Libyan Rebels (or at least what they will probably call these dispatches later)

The Mexican Drug War is depressingly complicated
Wachovia, the bank that laundered billions of dollars of cartel money
Here come the private, "extrajudicial" death squads to defend the businessmen
Why the Mexican Drug War is Unwinnable
Billions of dollars are laundered in mainstream financial institutions and businesses. If we're serious about weakening organized crime, it's time to be serious about cracking down on illicit financial flows—even when it affects powerful interests.
Where Americans Live
5 Myths on the 10 Most Segregated US Cities
The New American Ghost Towns

Henry Kissinger reviews book on Otto von Bismarck
Celebrate an economic depression with fancy playing cards, circa 1720 

Blinding You With Science
New discoveries of symmetries in nature will lead to new types of materials
1,235 alien planets and their suns, 54 of which maybe have water
Using X-rays to see a painting's changes

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