Monday, April 25, 2011

Ancient Greek Robots, Whiskey-Powered Cars, and Chinese Economic Dominance (link round-up 4/25/11)

New World Order
Russia is basically just a giant mafia state at this point
IMF: China's economy will surpass America's by 2016

Unexpected Engineering 101
Greek and Muslim "automata" - medieval clockwork robots [via reddit]
Man builds car that runs on bourbon whiskey
Libyan rebels' DIY weapon systems from expired Soviet parts

Melting Pot or Tinder Box?
Three cups of lying in your memoir (and misleading American assumptions of Afghani culture) [via Fark]
"Re-Hinduization" in the Maoist-concentrated, rural western India

Italy Vs. Everyone Else
Tunisia and Egypt taking in the Libyan refugees that Europe won't
Gyspies take refuge in Roman church amid eviction attempts

The Body Electric
Do bacteria communicate by bouncing elections?

Happy belated
Persian roots of Christian traditions [via reddit]

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