Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jihad Social Gaming, Solar-Powered Skyscrapers, and Your Missing Foreign News Coverage (link round-up 4/14/11)

How Mubarak tainted Egypt's prestigious moderate Islamic university [via The Front Section]
Egyptian blogger jailed 3 years for criticizing the military

Everything that once happened in the area we call "Israel and Palestine"
Gaza archeologists keep 5,000 years of history buried in sand
Ancient Minoan-style fresco fragments found in present-day Israel

Gamer Theory
Social Media "gamification" tips from fundamentalist Muslim message boards

Future Campaign Issues
Will Electric Cars Be The Next Red/Blue Divide?

African Democracy
Nigeria bans traffic across the country for election day

Tall buildings in Chicago
Cabrini Green and London housing projects: teardowns vs. irony
Willis (Sears) Tower to become vertical solar power farm?

New World (Cash, Check or Money) Order
B(razil) R(ussia) I(ndia) C(hina) S(outh Africa) call for international reserve currency to replace the US dollar

The More You Know...
American newspapers too cheap and/or broke for foreign correspondents

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