Saturday, April 9, 2011

Open Source Oil Cleaning Robots, College Apostates, and Creating Eyes from Stem Cells (link round-up 4/9/11)

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Behold! The Future
Making retinas out of stem cells [via Reddit]
The Net Neutrality debate might really just be driven by one group of corporations versus another [via Reddit]
Democrats said that Republicans were protecting the interests of the cable and phone company giants that are the dominant providers of broadband Internet service to American households. Those companies generally oppose the F.C.C. order, because they believe they need to be able to direct traffic on their networks as they see fit. 
Republicans countered by accusing Democrats of protecting big technology companies, like Google, Amazon and Netflix, that have become successful because of the lack of Internet regulation but which now want to protect their turf from new competitors.
Geography Bee
Bahrain: Once Was Paradise
World's Most Bizarre Buildings

Sign of the times
British austerity cuts force BBC to end broadcasts in post-socialistic states
However, the BBC is planning to concentrate in TV programming in Indian languages like Urdu, Hindi, and in Sub-Saharan Africa in the days to come with additional funding.
Contemporary Adolescence
Growing up a Marathi Indian in England
The real reason college students lose their religion
India census shows growth of 181 million people in the last decade

Good idea(s) of the week
The Bicycle City: giving a ton of bicycles to a small town in Guatemala [via Reddit]
Protei - the open source oil spill cleaning robot

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