Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Three Ways To Make a North Korea Documentary

As a UN organization demands better monitoring for food distribution in North Korea, and articles about the country continue to play up the "shrouded in secrecy" angle, I think its a good idea to remind people that for all of North Korea's totalitarianism, several more documentaries about the country have been shot than, say, Turkmenistan.

Here are three approaches you can take for your very own North Korean tell-all:

1.The "naturalistic with no narration" approach:

2.The "heavily-narrated and dramatized" approach:

3. Or the "we got in by accident" approach:

Choose your own adventure.

Also, I guess I was wrong about Turkmenistan.

*Special thanks to AJ and Austin for starting a thread about North Korea documentary footage on my Facebook wall a week ago.

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