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How Farming and Women's Fashion Are Bad For Us All (Link Round-Up 6/19/11)

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Call Me Ishmael
Agriculture made people shorter, less healthy
“Culturally, we’re agricultural chauvinists. We tend to think that producing food is always beneficial, but the picture is much more complex than that,” says Emory anthropologist George Armelagos, professor of anthropology and co-author of the study.

Starting around 10,000 years ago, and continuing to relatively recently, no matter where and what crop, the pattern was the same. Agriculture led to shorter, less healthy people.
Fiscal Responsibility
Our $700 billion military budget
America’s defence spending, at nearly $700 billion a year, is bigger than that of the next 17 countries combined.
1,000 Words
War photographers describe (and question) their lives
What's important is that we show what human beings are capable of. The day I don't do that with my photography is the day I'll give up and open a restaurant.
Legalize It?
Why legalizing marijuana won't destroy the Mexican cartels
Another new source of cartel revenue is oil theft, long a problem for the Mexican government. The national oil company, Pemex, loses hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of petroleum every year to bandits and criminal gangs who tap into pipelines and siphon it off. Now the cartels are getting involved in this business, working with associates north of the border to sell the oil to American companies at huge markups.

In 2009 a federal court convicted an American businessman of helping to funnel $2 million in petroleum products stolen from Pemex by a Mexican cartel, eventually selling it to a Texas chemical plant owned by the German chemical company BASF. The chemical company claims never to have known where the products came from.
Shop 'Til We Drop
The social and environmental problems with women's fashion
So what's the answer? Buy carefully and buy less, is Siegle's argument and she's right. Consider everything from the origins of any garment, its sustainability and the working practices that went into its creation to whether it will actually add to the quality of your life or not. It almost goes without saying that, if we all chose to do that, the amount of product would naturally diminish to more manageable proportions. It may become more expensive as a result but the planet will only benefit for that.
Controversial monument keeps wounds and divisions from the Spanish Civil War open
The appearance of the monument – including the huge cross and the Francoist eagle insignia – clearly evokes national Catholicism, the far-right, deeply religious ideology of the Civil War's victors.

The Spanish are divided over the monument, with some viewing it as a central aspect of Spanish tradition and others as a temple to France worthy of destruction.

The commission's toughest challenge will thus be to decide whether to leave the remains of Franco at the Valley of the Fallen, or to remove them and bury them elsewhere.

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