Friday, July 22, 2011

Belated Link Round-Up For 7/22/11

*this is being posted on 7/26/11 due to this and the fact that Culture Bore is presently written in a basement in Chicago. On the plus side, the new carpet feels kinda nice.

European Disunion
Belgium, a federation of Flemish and Walloon communities, hosts the EU in Brussels and is often held up as example of European integration.
Le Soir newspaper, the voice of the Belgian establishment has warned that the country's demise would signal the end of an EU "project" that, like Belgium, faces a popular backlash.
Wide Network
Many Uighur groups have, in the past, accused the government of portraying local protests and ethnic unrest as being driven by separatist groups in order to justify security clampdowns.

In 2009, the government blamed overseas groups for orchestrating ethnic riots between Uighurs and Han Chinese in the city of Urumqi, which left more than 197 people dead. However, dozens of the city's residents, in interviews with The Hindu last year, blamed long-standing distrust between both ethnic groups, driven by increasing migration and rising inequalities, as sparking ethnic tensions.
They Did It For The Lulz
I believe in some principles, but I think this ties back into what I said earlier about the younger generation and learning from common ground (the internet). Most of us aren't in too deep with politics, we have a lot to learn and experience to gain, so I don't want to take a complete side. Maybe if we're both still going in a year or two, we'll go over the same questions.
Back-Up Plan
Turkish basketball team makes offer to Kobe Bryant amid NBA lockout
Besiktas is trying to make the biggest splash in the business of luring locked-out N.B.A. players, and it remains one of the few teams with enough money to lure N.B.A. players abroad. Other clubs have seemed less willing to offer deals with escape clauses for when the lockout ends. Most of the other signings of N.B.A. players by foreign clubs have been for a full season, including Sonny Weems’s deal with a team in the Lithuanian league and Nenad Krstic’s with CSKA Moscow. Center Timofey Mozgov signed with B.C. Khimki of the Russian League. The Nets’ Sasha Vujacic signed with Anadolu Efes of the Turkish League; his contract has an option for a second season.
Field Trip
"Headteachers have described to me happy and outgoing young girls who have returned from their summer holidays withdrawn and distressed. I struggle to understand why the systematic and brutal wounding of young girls is not considered a national scandal. I know that right honourable and honourable members would not tolerate a situation in which little British girls were taken abroad and returned missing their fingers. Likewise, we should not tolerate female genital mutilation."

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