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Forget The Debt Ceiling (Link Round-Up 7/19/11)

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Career Path
Teach For America? Or Teach For Resume-Padding?
Three years ago, a TFA recruiter plastered the Fordham campus with flyers that said “Learn how joining TFA can help you gain admission to Stanford Business School.” The message of that flyer was “use teaching in high-poverty areas a stepping stone to a career in business.” It was not only profoundly disrespectful to every person who chooses to commit their life to the teaching profession, it advocated using students in high-poverty areas as guinea pigs for an experiment in “resume-padding” for ambitious young people.

In saying these things, let me make it clear that my quarrel is not with the many talented young people who join Teach for America, some of whom decide to remain in the communities they work in and become lifetime educators. It is with the leaders of the organization, who enjoy the favor with which TFA is regarded with by captains of industry, members of Congress, the media, and the foundation world. They have used this access to move rapidly to positions as heads of local school systems, executives in charter school companies, and educational analysts in management consulting firms.
But Where Do You Put The Banner Ads?
How to design a better online newspaper
“Featured” sections are irrelevant, opinion-shaping editorial promotion; not news.
Headlines matter and can be scanned; intro text does not and compromises scanning.
Author, source, and date/time are important.
Opinion or Op Eds are distinct from news.
Article ratings or “likes” are irrelevant in the context of news.
Comments are not contextual to news, but to social media
Media types (video, gallery, audio) are not sections. These are simply common components of each story.
Buddhist caves in India demolished during mining
Amid reports that the four caves, located around 3 kms from here, were destroyed during the routine mining activity of the Mana Opencast Mines of Western Coalfields Limited on Wednesday, District Collector Vijay Waghmare said WCL "had not obtained any permission for the demolition of caves"
There aren't plans to commercially produce the BiPod quite yet; the model vehicle was built to measure outside interest in continued development. But the recent news that the Terrafugia Transition--another flying car--has been cleared for use by the U.S. National Highway Safety Administration means that other companies may be more interested in this kind of vehicle, simply because many of the legal hurdles have already been cleared.
Organizational Management Theory
Why India has problems feeding itself
In recent months, Thanks to a surge in oil and petrol prices and the rampant corruption and inefficiencies of the public welfare system, food prices have skyrocketed by 20 per cent, and many of the country’s poorest—the labourers who actually grow the grains — can’t afford to buy them.

Some farmers see no way out. Between 1997 and 2009, an estimated 200,000 Indian farmers committed suicide, buried under mountains of rising debt.

“It’s a double crisis,” said C.P. Chandrasekhar, a scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. “There’s both falling food production and people who can’t afford to eat. It’s a tragedy.”
What Debt Ceiling?
Warren Buffett calls for removal of debt ceiling
“We cannot go to Aug. 2 and tell the rest of the world, ‘Look because we’re having this little fight in our sandbox back here, that we’re going to essentially default on obligations of the United States for the first time in our history,’” he said.
Harsh Examples
China executes officials over corruption
Earlier this year, President Hu Jintao focused on corruption during his main speech to celebrate 90 years since the party was founded.

He warned that corruption could cost the party the support of the people.
Let's Meet Halfway
A liberal reads the conservative classics
Maybe, in part, it is because a central tenet of liberalism is that ideology should be eschewed in favor of the supposedly enlightened, pragmatic approach of making ad hoc judgments about issues. But on this conservatives are more realistic. Ideology is inevitable; we all have an ideology, whether we are aware of it or not. First of all, ideology is about values, and we can’t decide how we wish to solve policy issues without having a firm grasp on the values we are seeking to advance. Second, the world is too complex for us to make informed judgments about all of the issues that confront us. We need a philosophy to serve as a north star. One way I’ve been enriched by reading the great works of conservatism is that I’ve come better to appreciate how central ideology is to thinking about matters of governance and public policy.

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