Thursday, July 21, 2011

Free Energy and The 90's Jesus Pop Machine (Link Round-Up 7/21/11)

Out Of Thin Air
Device collects ambient electromagnetic energy from radio/tv waves
Tentzeris and his team are using inkjet printers to combine sensors, antennas and energy scavenging capabilities on paper or flexible polymers. The resulting self powered wireless sensors could be used for chemical, biological, heat and stress sensing for defense and industry; radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging for manufacturing and shipping, and monitoring tasks in many fields including communications and power usage.
Mr. Jha said he wanted to point out inconsistencies even in the attitudes of people who might think of themselves as having moved beyond the issue of caste. As in the U.S., with racial affirmative action, many Indians couch opposition to “reservations” in terms of merit – with Indian students echoing white applicants to colleges who complain of being passed over for minority applicants they see as less deserving for having poorer grades.

Mr. Jha said he hears people say things like, “‘Would you go to a doctor who has come on a reserved quota?’”

“At the same time, would you go to an upper-caste doctor who hasn’t got admission through competition but who’s bought a seat?” said Mr. Jha.
Jesus Christ Superstars
Christian Pop Rock: No Match For Tastemaking Market Research
Basically, CCM caught on to the number one rule of coolness: don’t let your marketing show. The best bands—the successful ones, at least—learned to gloss over the gospel message the same way TV producers camouflaged corporate sponsorship. Explicitly Christian lyrics prevented DC Talk from crossing over to the secular market in the ’90s; today it’s difficult to imagine their unapologetic faith making it in the Christian circuit.
It Gets Better...But Sometimes Worse
Ghana cracks down on homosexuality
The move by the Minister follows months of campaigning by the Christian Council of Ghana which last week called on Ghanaians not to vote for any politician who believes in the rights of homosexuals.
Muslims and Christians in the Western Region have been staging protests ever since a local media report claimed there were around 8000 homosexuals and lesbians in the district.
Mapping The Past
A Brief History of Mapmaking
Pei Xiu (224–271), known as the “Ptolemy of China,” produced maps with a geometrical grid and graduated scale to more accurately determine location and the distance between points. In the 12th century, during the Song Dynasty, detailed maps of China and the surrounding region were etched into stone. These stone stele maps (named after the Stele Forest of Xian where they were found) are impressively detailed, with intricate coastal boundaries, major river systems, and hundreds of settlements.
Wheeling and Dealing
Joint South Sudan/Glencore oil partnership sparks concern
Raising concerns in South Sudan, Glencore was founded by fugitive U.S. financier Marc Rich, who until receiving presidential pardon in 2001 from President Bill Clinton, was wanted in the United States by the FBI for alleged tax fraud.

Glencore International is a multinational mining and commodities trading company with headquarters in Baar, Switzerland, and is the world's largest commodities trading company. It had a 2010 global market share of 60 percent in the international zinc market, 50 percent in the global copper market, 9 percent in the world's grain market and 3 percent in the international oil market

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