Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ghosts With Shit Jobs (and Concepts With Shit Premises)

The casual science fiction nerd in me loves the idea of Ghosts With Shit Jobs.

Good sci-fi is all about exploring plausible hypothetical situations and how they would affect everyday lives accordingly.

The only problem, however, is that the "Ghosts With Shit Jobs" concept is geopolitically implausible.

The main reason is that China can bypass the United States and simply outsource low-skilled labor to its own hundreds of millions of lower income citizens (and the entire Asian continent, for that matter).

An "American economic collapse" could result in a variety of ugly scenarios, but my guess is that all the Americans employable in a Chinese economy would immediately immigrate to cities like Beijing or Shanghai. If not China itself, Singapore would quickly become a destination of choice for skilled Americans needed in the new economic order.

...but this all assumes that China, or any other country in our globalized, heavily inter-linked marketplace, would survive a major hiccup in the world's largest economy. After all, just look at how the markets have been moving in reaction to what's happening in Greece.

While I do think this video explores some interesting ideas, the growing "what happens when China dominates the United States" fear is totally off-base, because the reality of that scenario would be much more complicated.

Despite what pundits may tell you, the world is much bigger than the United States and China.

Regardless, the rise of baby robot makers and "digital janitors" could still happen to a future near you.

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