Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two Ways To Write About The Pakistani Taliban

1. Tap all your sources in the insurgency, offend the powerful intelligence agencies, and ignore death threats until you are found dead.
Two days after Shahzad’s body was found, an I.S.I. official made a statement denying that its agents had played any role in the killing. Shahzad’s death, he said, was “unfortunate and tragic,” adding, “Baseless accusations against the country’s sensitive agencies for their alleged involvement in Shahzad’s murder are totally unfounded.” Forty-six journalists have been killed in Pakistan since 2001, and the I.S.I. had never before issued such a stark denial.
2. Let other journalists talk to the insurgents, and talk to the regular Pakistani people instead.

Yes, I realize a video isn't a written piece...but I'm still going to count the post-editing narration.

UPDATE: Terrorism is a big problem in Pakistan, but the major flooding in southern Pakistan is way more significant right now.
"The authorities are known to sleep at the time of urgency. These rains have been going on for several weeks now, which the government saw coming, but they've been caught napping, and any action is seen as too little too late," he said.
Even factoring out the groups who are sure to add fuel to the anti-government bandwagon, this is a disaster for Pakistani stability (and the Pakistani people) all-around.

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