Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, Chicago, and Beyond

It's been interesting watching the Occupy Wall Street meme spread across America over the past few weeks.

Some are dismissing the entire Occupy ____ movement as a bunch of hypocritical hippies:

And some wealthy capitalists who make money off songs about becoming wealthy capitalists have also jumped aboard the buzz.

Overall, I can't speak for the actual motivations of most people in attendance.

But at least here in Chicago, protesters have targeted the Mortgage Bankers Association's conference with a creative bit of symbolism.

And the MBA press release, in turn:
"America is about freedom of speech. We worry, however, that the focus of the protesters is about what isn't working in this country, while inside this conference we are working on building a safe and sound system to support the dream of homeownership. We have more than 3000 mortgage bankers coming here this week to look for solutions to the continuing troubles of the housing market. 
We all recognize that our industry faces a trust deficit with policymakers and the public and that people in our industry contributed to the events that led to the financial crisis. The mortgage professionals who have gathered in Chicago this week are about sustainable homeownership and ensuring access to affordable mortgage credit for qualified borrowers."
As it turns out, the Robin Hood stunt is part of Take Back Chicago as one of several targeted protests planned for this week.

In other news, there is at least one place hiring right now - the Federal Reserve in Chicago.

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