Sunday, December 18, 2011

Skyrim, Microblogging, Food, and Sinking Ships (Link Round-Up 12/18/11)

[via Daily Mail story below]

China makes microbloggers write under real names
Quoting China's state-run Xinhua news agency, The Wall Street Journal reported that state secrets, material that threatens national security, posts that inspire ethnic resentment or discrimination, and posts involving rallies that "disrupt social order" were also being banned from microblogging sites.
Migrant boat to Indonesia sinks, 300 missing and feared dead
He said the passengers were mainly believed to be illegal migrants from countries including Iran and Afghanistan. Many boat people from the Middle East and Asia use Indonesia as a transit point en route to Australia. 
Local TV showed images of more than a dozen shocked-looking survivors huddled in a clinic in Trenggalek, a town on Java island's southern coast. 
Many economic migrants from the Middle East attempt to cross the Indian Ocean in boats in search of a better life in Australia.
Why Western and Asian foods taste different: food pairings
The more flavours two ingredients share, the less likely they are to be used together in east Asian cuisine - whereas 13 key ingredients, including butter, milk and egg, appear in 74.4 per cent of dishes in north America. 
There are flavours that 'define' a cuisine - for instance basil in south European food, or soy sauce in east Asian - but the classic pairings of each cuisine, such as parmesan cheese and tomato (which share lots of flavours), and garlic and sesame oil (which share very few) show that 'food pairing' is a distinctly western idea.
Venezuela hit with food shortages
Jorge Roig, vice president of Fedecamaras, a Venezuelan association that pulls together businesses, including many producers of basic goods, blames the new government price caps and regulations for the shortages. 
"People are doing panic buying. With these price caps, people are buying more than they need because they know many factories are not going to be able to produce their products. Production has gone down because there are price caps, production is not cost-effective and we have these conditions that discourage investment," Roig said.
Interview with author Ned Vizzini
I think this is the decision teenagers make when they get into fashion or poker or Skyrim. They want to shut out the complicated world in favor of a world they can control.

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