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Herbicide-Flavored Corn (Link Round-Up 4/28/12)

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  Anonymous Analytics: Sniffing out the international corporate fraud, 4chan-style
AA: Our members grew up within the Internet subculture and cesspool that is 4chan. We have been active in the Anon community over the last several years in some capacity. Some of us eventually grew up and got jobs in industry and government but we retained the dark humor that is Anonymous. More importantly, we retained the skill to source information and social-engineering capabilities that we honed through our work with Anonymous. This ability has proved useful in our more high-brow work with Anon Analytics.
New star system with 9 planets found 
"Scientifically this would not be of much significance because it has been suspected for a long time that such populous planetary systems exist in the universe," Tuomi said. "Philosophically, though, it shows that our very own solar system is not special in this respect either — systems with great numbers of planets are very likely common throughout the universe and it is only a matter of time when we find even richer systems."
UK media distorts neuroscience news to push ideologies
The paper describes how the Telegraph used research to wrongly “assert that productive female participation in both the labor market and family life is neurobiologically impossible”, while the Daily Mail miscellaneously linked “women to irrationality” (amongst countless other crimes) and the Times absurdly squealed “are gays dopamine junkies?”
Outdoor advertising agency busted for poisoning trees that blocked their billboards
According to FairWarning, Lamar has been in trouble before for illegal actions against trees: 
  • In 2008, the state of Connecticut sued Lamar for removing trees along Interstate 84 when its permit only allowed trimming. 
  • In 2009, an Ohio couple sued Lamar for cutting down 34 trees on their property that obscured views of a Lamar sign.
Two reasons to hate your diet: 1. Pesticides and herbicides used in corn are hurting honeybees 2. Companies are genetically-modifying food to resist pesticides and herbicides that they made to help grow these foods to begin with
The corn is just the first of a new wave of herbicide-tolerant crops. Dow is also developing soybeans and cotton immune to 2,4-D. Close behind, Monsanto is developing soybeans, cotton and corn that can tolerate dicamba, another old herbicide in the same family as 2,4-D. 
Bayer, Syngenta and DuPont are developing crops resistant to other herbicides. too. Of the 20 genetically engineered crops awaiting approval, 13 are intended to be resistant to one or more herbicides.
Your logical fallacy is...

Most likely everything.

*half of these links were found on the fantastic Not Exactly Rocket Science blog.

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