Sunday, April 29, 2012

Whores, Firebombs, and Euros (Link Round-Up 4/29/12)

"Whore's Glory" - a frank look at sex work worldwide
Indeed, if there’s an ideological point (and a smidgen of hopefulness) to be found in “Whores’ Glory,” it lies in the film’s insistence that the women Glawogger meets in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico remain defiantly individual, even in the face of a system of sexual and economic exploitation they cannot (or at least do not) resist. Indeed, “Whores’ Glory” has a surprising double focus on the women’s economic lives and on their spiritual and religious pursuits.
Egyptians protest Saudi Arabia's detainment of an activist
Egyptian activists say he was held after lodging a complaint against Saudi Arabia for its treatment of Egyptians in its prisons. 
His family says he had gone to perform a minor pilgrimage - a detail which has angered many Egyptians who feel resentment at the kingdom's treatment of Egyptians. 
But Saudi authorities say Mr Gizawi was found by airport officials to be carrying drugs - allegedly more than 20,000 anti-anxiety pills - in his luggage.
Could democracy derail the euro? Yes.
The “legitimacy question” has been quieter than the rampaging debt farrago. Yet plenty reckon it poses the real danger to the eurozone – and is most likely to trigger its collapse. Over the next few weeks its pent-up energy will be unleashed in full – via a raft of ballot boxes across Europe.

Last week was just a warm-up. May 6 is a day of reckoning for Europe’s leaders as France votes for a new president, Greece for a new parliament, and Italy goes to the polls for local elections. German state elections follow. On May 31, Ireland is holding a referendum on Europe’s fiscal pact. In June, France has parliamentary elections. Then, on September 12, the Netherlands will go to the polls.
Dogs, polygamy, and talking points
Axelrod is right. Obama’s appetite for dogs isn’t as critical as his appetite for spending and statism. But it was part of his cool. “Mitt Romney isn’t cool,” declared Brian Montopoli of CBS News this week in a story headlined “Can Mitt Romney Make Boring Sexy”? For economically beleaguered Americans, the more pertinent question is: “Can Barack Obama Make Cool Affordable”? It’s not just that Obama ate the dog, but that he’s screwing the pooch.
Man fire-bombs Taco Bell for not giving him extra Chalupa meat 
When manager Cynthia Thompson told the customer she would be unable to accommodate his request because the restaurant was closing, she said he replied: “That’s alright, I’ll just come and redecorate the place.”

Shortly after, a gasoline odor was traced to just outside the drive-through window, where Thompson found a fire and a melting plastic bottle filled with liquid, which the Albany Fire Department identified as a Molotov cocktail.
Egyptian films himself getting shot (NSFW)

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