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Sex, Israeli Race Riots, and Boy Scout Mormon Oil Lobbyists (Link Round-Up 5/26/12)

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African immigrants injured in Israeli race riots
Danny Danon, who heads a lobby group which seeks to deal with the issue of illegal immigration, said the only solution to the problem would be to "begin talking about expulsion". 
"We must expel the infiltrators from Israel. We should not be afraid to say the words 'expulsion now'," he was reported as saying. 
Thousands of asylum seekers have arrived in Israel from Eritea and South Sudan, escaping poverty but also oppressive regimes and political instability.Most are bound for Europe, but find Libya blocked to them by the government and civil war.
How to write bullshit articles on the internet
Useful for all of us fake internet writers to remember: if, instead of reading your article, someone could just strike a humorous "The Thinker" pose and recite what their polite mom would say about the topic at hand, and that would be essentially the same thing that you say in your article, then no one needs to read your article, and you didn't need to write your article, and you don't need to exist, and we might as well all go out and get real jobs. So let's avoid that.
"Scumbag Steve" and Brisk Iced Tea - exploiting popular memes to advertise
"Friends over at Thoughtleadr, the social ad platform powering Imgur’s promoted image, connected the dots when Imgur was interested in experimenting with advertising. We took the opportunity to Brisk, because the audience was relevant and they’re proactive about doing cool, new things in social. We all collaborated to create content we felt would be entertaining, and add value to the community."
Sex therapy in India's conservative, globalized city of Chennai
‘True to my hunch, there were no sperms found in the vagina, which meant vaginal intercourse had not taken place at all. The surgery was cancelled once the pathologist wrote his report. The gynaecologist could not overrule him. I found out that the man did not even know where the vaginal opening was. He would simply lie on top of his wife and ejaculate between her thighs. They believed that was intercourse and were hoping to get a child. I had to tell him how to have sex.
The case that may force 1.2 million Canadians to be married against their will
De facto spouses are defined by Quebec’s law as two people who have been living together for a year or more without being married and who check the “couple” box on their income tax statement form. Quebec’s lawmakers have deliberately chosen not to give de facto couples the same rights and responsibilities that married couples have under the Law of Quebec, to preserve the freedom of choice. Upon the termination of a relationship, “no matter how long cohabitation has lasted, de facto spouses have no legal support obligation to each other, even if one spouse is in need and the other has a high income.” Quebec is the only province in Canada where spousal support payments are not recognized by law for de facto spouses.
Los Angeles bans plastic bags 
San Francisco approved the state’s first plastic bag ban in 2007, applying it only to supermarkets and pharmacies. Since then, officials have moved to expand the bag restrictions, which has drawn a legal challenge.

Despite initial grumbling from customers and business owners, people have gotten used to bringing their own bags, said David Assmann, a manager in San Francisco’s environment department. “I think it’s become part of the culture here,” he said.
The Mormon Boy Scout Oil Lobbyist that could be Romney's Chief-of-Staff 
Gerard often seems clinical, almost professorial, when he talks about the issues he lobbies for. (He asks four times during one interview whether he is boring me, and in a follow-up session in his downtown Washington office he is surprisingly equivocal on the subject of climate change.) But rivals shouldn't mistake his professionalism for lack of passion. Gerard loves a challenge, and nothing could be more of a battle than revamping Big Oil's image. "If I'm playing basketball," the 5-foot-9 Gerard explains, "I want to take on the team who's got the 7-foot-3 guy as opposed to the team that's got the 6-foot-5 guy. Why? Because he's tougher to beat."

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