Monday, May 7, 2012

Tupac Forever-ish (Link Round-Up 5/7/12)

What the Tupac hologram says about his legacy (and his fans)
Instead of honoring Pac’s memory, we as a culture are Weekend At Bernie-ing the poor man, crudely manipulating his memory, legacy, image, and vocals to make it appear that he’s performing with Dre and Snoop at Coachella, collaborating with people he publicly despised, and churning out album after album despite having died while still in his mid-20s.
Latinos are now the most dedicated moviegoers in America
At CinemaCon last week, Chairman and CEO of the MPAA Chris Dodd gave a speech in which he drove home the importance of Latinos as a movie-going audience: “Latinos make up 16 percent of the U.S. population, but more than a quarter of the movie-going audience,” he noted. “I often say that movies matter to America. Well, when it comes to our rapidly growing Latino population, movies are very important. And the Latino community is one of the most important [ones] to theater owners.” 
“With an African-American movie, you can have a hit just with African-American audiences, but so far, the answer has been no with Hispanics,” Universal president of marketing and distribution Adam Fogelson told Variety in 2009, when Fast’s fourth installment came out, with Latinos making up almost 50 percent of its audience — one helluva case study. “They have more interest in assimilating."
FOUR out of five black women are seriously overweight. One out of four middle-aged black women has diabetes. With $174 billion a year spent on diabetes-related illness in America and obesity quickly overtaking smoking as a cause of cancer deaths, it is past time to try something new.
Zynga’s problem is that they didn’t bother to make sure Draw Something had staying power, something you would think would be required to shell out $200M for a company. Speaking as one of those 5M who can no longer be bothered with the game, it just got to be more work than fun once the novelty of iPhone Pictionary wore off. Yes, five of my friends all told me to download it a month ago, but after a few weeks of back and forths with confusing and repetitive words, it just was too much of an effort to keep up with games. This is not “Words with Friends” where you can take a minute and pick out a word to play. Rather, you have to draw a picture or a series of pictures to get your concept across, which is about ten times as time consuming.
Should America sell coal to China?
The future of the American coal industry has huge national and global implications. Treating it as a handful of local zoning controversies is extremely misleading. But with Washington locked into what amounts to across-the-board gridlock that’s exactly what we’re going to get.
The Malay Muslim insurgency in southern Thailand
At the root of the conflict is the feeling among Malay Muslims that they lack proper political representation. They make up four-fifths of the population in the deep south. They often speak only Malay and are proud of their particular history. In contrast, only one of the governors in the three Muslim-majority provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat is a Malay Muslim, while the other two are Thai Buddhists. All are appointed by the government in Bangkok. Poverty and drug-running contribute to the problems in the south. But armed groups feed off a sense of political grievance and discrimination, says Muhammad Ayub Pathan of Deep South Watch, a local think-tank. Despite some signs of progress, he says, the younger generation is more radical than its parents—and just as much in favour of restoring the sultanate.

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