Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Creationism, Destructionism (Link Round-Up 6/5/12)

[via Hong Wrong]

Evolution removed from South Korean Textbooks
Even the nation’s leading science institute — the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology — has a creation science display on campus. “The exhibition was set up by scientists who believed in creation science back in 1993,” says Gab-duk Jang, a pastor of the campus church. The institute also has a thriving Research Association for Creation Science, run by professors and students, he adds.
Why Islamic rap is scaring people across Europe
The debate over hip hop, Europe's dominant youth culture, stands in for a much larger debate about race, immigration and national identity. With many of the biggest stars being Muslim, the disputes over which Muslim hip hop artists are "moderate" or "radical" are also disagreements over what kind of Islam to allow into the public space. As European state officials decide what "hip hop policy" to adopt, American embassies on the continent have slowly inserted themselves into this delicate dance between European governments and their hip hop counter-publics.
Majority of China's water is polluted
Wu said that among 469 stations to monitor water quality along 10 major river basins, including that of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Pearl River, 61 percent reported the rating between the first and third grade last year, which means the water could be used in water source, natural reserves and drinking water.

Meanwhile, 25.3 percent of rivers were polluted and rated as the fourth or the fifth grade, meaning that the water could not be immediately contact by people.
Ruins of Native American city to be demolished for commercial development
Until the surprise discovery of the new settlement, archaeologists thought this was pretty much all that was left of Cahokia — that almost everything else had been destroyed by development. 
And Pauketat is worried: By the time the East St. Louis dig wraps up later this year, only about a tenth of the ancient settlement will have been excavated. He says once the new Mississippi River bridge is finished, the other 90 percent, which is still buried under private land, could be destroyed.
600-year-old trees chopped down to make IKEA furniture
Protect the Forest say that the Kalevala forests hosts a number of red-list species, notably a number of lichen and fungi such as Antrodia crassa and Antrodia infirma (fungi), Bryoria Fremontii (black tree lichen), Hydnellum gracilipes (tooth fungus) and , Lobaria Pulmonaria (lungwort).
U.S. ends Pakistani "Sesame Street" funding over corruption allegations 
Pakistan Today reported on Tuesday that sources close to the project cite widespread inefficiency and the mishandling of aid money, including the use of U.S. money to pay off old debts and the awarding of contracts to relatives, as the reasons behind the end to the funding. The project had received half of the alloted funding before it was pulled.

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