Friday, July 13, 2012

Interview: Dave Zirin

Author, radio host, and columnist Dave Zirin was kind enough to talk with me about sports, politics, and the man in Chicago who embodies the worst of both:
When you think of "Chicago politics" and you think of "Chicago sports" are there any overlaps in your mind or anything that strikes you? 
Yeah, the biggest is how many public subsidies go into Chicago sports. It is like a public welfare cornucopia and [Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox owner] Jerry Reinsdorf is the biggest welfare queen in the United States. And I find it very ironic that one of Jerry Reinsdorf's great personal projects is standardized testing in the public schools. Because if you think about how much money his stadiums have taken out of the public school system in Chicago, and then he helps fund and underwrite the same standardized tests that are used to undermine public education because the scores are low, and that then promotes charter schools and the privatization of education... it's all just, at the same time, very ironic and also very suspicious.
Check out the rest of the interview here.

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