Friday, July 27, 2012

So Much For The Chicago Cultural Plan Town Hall...

[via Chicago Tribune, photo credit Armando L. Sanchez]

Gapers Block posted a piece I wrote about a Chicago Cultural Plan town hall meeting I attended on Tuesday.

Let's just say I wasn't impressed.
After the town hall concluded, I wondered if the opinions I voiced really mattered. Because if they did matter, then I only got to sound-off on 1/10th of the actual plan, and had a significantly disproportionate voice in that sound-off. And if they didn't matter, then I had just spent two hours participating in a city-sponsored focus group masquerading as democracy.
Howard Reich with the Tribune did a good summary of the event, and Deanna Isaacs with the Chicago Reader cut straight to the chase.

I like parts of the plan, I don't like others, and I'm not even sure if the parts of the plan I like will necessarily benefit everyone in Chicago. Eased art space zoning/permitting and funding for artists benefits my circle of friends, but I'm not so sure if it's going to improve the lives (or ease the rent) of the people raising families on minimum wage.

Regardless, the final plan that gets passed probably won't look much different from the current draft. And then we'll see how Rahm spearheads the implementation from there.

On a lighter note, guess who that out-of-focus guy in the middle of the photo is? Whoever he is, he definitely needs to shave.

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