Monday, September 17, 2012

#S17: Occupy Wall Street, One Year Later

[via Raw Story via AFP]

While Occupy Wall Street protesters get arrested in Zuccotti Park and pundits gloat at the shrinking supporter numbers, we should also keep mind the things the Occupy movement actually accomplished over their past year of existence:
Occupy branches threw support behind a November 5th "Bank Transfer Day" that shifted over 40,000 people and $80 million from banks to credit unions on that day alone. On December 12, 2011, West Coast Occupy groups called attention to the working conditions of port truckers with coordinated port shutdowns. Midwestern Occupy branches helped draw attention to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's attacks on public sector union collective bargaining rights. Furthermore, Occupy branches have sprouted beyond the United States into a global movement that has supported everything from Quebec students striking over a 60% tuition hike to the million-strong mass protests in Tel Aviv over rising costs of living, housing, and education in Israel.
I'm not going to pretend the one-year anniversary marches have really done the cause any favors in the public eye.

But like it or not, Occupy is here to stay. Even if you're not sure exactly who or what is doing the "staying."

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