Saturday, January 5, 2013

Motorhead, Coral Reefs, and Our New Robot Replacements

To get an idea of how far we've come with robotics in 2013, I'd like two share two recent examples of their incredible feats:

First off, they can out-scuba dive us.
Robots have found living coral on the Great Barrier Reef at a depth four times greater than most scuba divers can reach and far beyond the depth at which scientists expected to find them.

A team from the Catlin Seaview Survey discovered the reef corals living at 125 metres, the deepest ever found on the reef. Reef corals are in a perilous state around the world, under threat from climate change through warming oceans and acidification of seawater as well as by coastal pollution and unsustainable fishing practices. The remarkable find was made on the outer edge of the Ribbon Reefs off the north of the Barrier. The extreme depth is more than four times the depth of the shallow reef coral habitat (0-30m) which most scuba divers can reach.
More importantly, robots can now out-rock us.

Granted, we still need to program them before they can do things. For now.

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