Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Newsworthy Sing-Alongs (Link Round-Up 11/20/13)

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The problem with media diet round-ups
Like a celebrity profile written by the celebrity himself, the media diet’s appeal is in part its illusion of intimacy, the fantasy of access to a private routine. As former Atlantic Wire senior writer Jen Doll, who compiled more than a dozen media diets over the course of her time at the Wire, put it: “If you were like, hey Brian Stelter, what do you do in the bedroom? he would never tell you, but if you are asking about how he interacts with media, you learn these really fascinating details that aren’t gross.” 
There’s also a back-pat aspect to the exercise, which makes an ideal forum for clubby industry shout-outs. “When Gladwell said that he reads The Awl, I was literally like: tee hee!” Sicha recalled. Emma Carmichael, editor of The Hairpin, used her media diet to take inventory of her influences: to name just a few, Hamilton Nolan, Tom Scocca, Caity Weaver, Maria Bustillos, Jim Behrle, Nitsuh Abebe, Jon Caramanica, Carrie Battan, Frannie Kelley, Molly Lambert, Charles Pierce, and Julianne Shephard. (“Names I was dropping,” Carmichael told me.)
The bewildering world of new media, as set to Lorde's "Royals"

RTA launching probe of Ventra problems
"Our main concern as the financial oversight body (of the transit agencies) is what impact (the Ventra problems) would have on finances this year," Costello said. The RTA expects full cooperation and all necessary information from the CTA, he said. 
In response, the CTA said Wednesday it found Gates' comments "surprising given the vast amount of information he and his staff have been provided by CTA over the last several months about Ventra's progress."
The only rap you'll ever hear about Ventra, the CTA, and Forrest Claypool

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