Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ventra's RTA Origins and Rahm's Limited Role in the Problems

[via RedEye]

Earlier today, Gapers Block published a piece I wrote about how (and possibly why) the Regional Transportation Authority pushed the Ventra system onto Chicagoland.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Tribune reports that Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CTA officials are claiming to hold Cubic accountable for Ventra errors, but not giving any specific answers as to how:
Neither Emanuel, Peterson nor Claypool answered a question Tuesday about whether Cubic will face financial penalties for the problems that have cropped up with the CTA card readers.
Personally, I think the entire RTA Board of Directors deserves questioning more than Rahm, as he doesn't have full oversight over the Ventra card distribution or any aspect of it beyond Chicago's borders.

But we'll see if the Ventra general public blame game ever spreads beyond Rahm and the CTA.

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