Thursday, November 14, 2013

When Ventra Rains, It Pours

[via Ventra]

Since my Gapers Block piece went up Monday, the following has happened:

And today, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg quoted me in his summary of the whole farce:
“Unfortunately, Chicagoland is now only the latest in a long line of metropolitan customers dealing with problems sure to be familiar to Ventra’s legion of haters,” Jason Prechtel wrote in the Gaper’s Block website, in a detailed article on problems in Cubic cities from London to Brisbane to San Francisco. 
Were these rollouts bug-infested or just the standard problems that come with any new system? Hardly matters. It’s too late. Ventra has sailed past the still-a-few-kinks-in-the-system shakedown cruise into a special realm of PR debacle hell where each tiny trouble is waved about as Exhibit #246 in the epic Ventra Catastrophe of 2013.
He raised a question I asked myself, and he definitely gave the perfect answer.

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