Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ventra and Metra, a match made in...nevermind

Yesterday, I wrote a Gapers Block piece exploring the hurdles that Chicagoland's Metra train system faces in adopting the much-loathed Ventra card.

Meanwhile, Chicago weather has hit below freezing, and Ventra is still having problems - both in the technical and public relations sense:
CTA officials said, while the driver did not “kick anyone off of the bus,” charging riders is not part of the agency’s protocol during outages.

“The operator should have let the customers on the bus without requesting a fare since there was an obvious problem with the Ventra reader,” said CTA spokesperson Lambrini Lukidis. “Even if there’s a problem with the Ventra reader, if someone has cash or a magnetic strip, the drivers are instructed to just wave people through. In that case, people should not have had to wait in line in the cold.”
Good luck, future Metra commuters.

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