Saturday, March 15, 2014

I was like, good gracious, #Nelly1057 is bodacious

People always complain that pop radio plays the same few songs over and over.

But sometimes it's hilarious.

As of 3 pm (PST), Univision's Bay Area Latino Mix 105.7 has played Nelly's "Hot in Herre" on repeat.

Turns out it's a publicity stunt to announce the new format switch.
Update 3/15 “Latino Mix” is no more as KVVF/KVVZ began stunting at 3pm Friday with a loop of Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” to preparation of its relaunch as “Hot 105.7“.
This wouldn't be the first on-repeat onslaught in the history of American broadcast media.

Back in 2006, VH1 ran a Hurricane Katrina fundraiser where viewers could pay $25 to see their favorite video, or $35,000 for an entire hour of songs.

One generous soul paid $35,000 to play Nena's 1984 hit "99 Luftballons".

For the whole hour.
99 Luftballons is a Cold-War era protest song that tells the story of 99 red balloons floating into the air, triggering an apocalypse when the military sends planes to intercept them.
Let's just hope the Crimea crisis doesn't go that far.

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