Thursday, July 31, 2014

My response to the CTA's response to my Ventra lawsuit

In response to my suit, CTA is claiming that they produced "most" of what I asked for.  
Here's the thing: Illinois FOIA law doesn't say I'm only entitled to "most" of these records.

What CTA gave me was the instructions for Step 2 of the RFP process, the contract signed between the CTA and Cubic, along with some peripheral contract documents.  

What they didn't provide---the bids they didn't select and contracts and invoices for the CTA's advisers on the deal---should matter a lot to anyone who thinks it's important to look closely at deals like this.  

CTA basically wants us to take their word for it that they got a good deal, without disclosing any real info about how the bidding process went down.

I don't know how we can be expected to do that in light of the Redflex bribery scandals, the patronage culture in the City and the state, and all the other problems with City contracting.

Coupled with the fact that the parking meter deal's lead advisor --- William Blair --- also played the lead advisory role on the bidding process that gave us Ventra, there is more than enough reason to question whether the CTA ultimately made a competent decision, and we can't do that without the records.

...especially now that Pace and Metra are stuck with Ventra, too.

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