Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Russia's Nuclear Options: Nukes in Crimea, Power Plants in Asia

On one hand, Russia has threatened to station nuclear weapons in Crimea as it sees fit...scaring the fuck out of everyone in Europe already worried about Ukraine and the disturbing Russian saber-rattling across the region (more on that in a future post).

On the other hand, Russia's spreading the nuclear love elsewhere.

Russian firm Rosatom will start construction on a nuclear plant in Iran later this year...even as Iranian nuclear talks continue.

Interestingly, this construction is not barred under current agreements.

Meanwhile, Rosatom has also begun talks with India over transferring nuclear technologies across various fields. Currently, they're building a power plant in the country's Tamil Nadu province (the southern tip).

Rosatom, by the way, is Russia's state nuclear corporation. According to their website, they are also building plants in China, Belarus, Turkey, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.

Of course, they also have a nuclear weapons division.

Truly, Rosatom is a one-stop shopping destination for nuclear products. Too bad its main customer is Putin.

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